Hybrid Audiometers

It’s a proud moment for Labat Asia Pvt. Ltd to announce its launch of new generation Hybrid Audiometers at the start of this year. The Audiometers have been launched for commercial use along the sidelines of 50th ISHACON, held at All India Institute of Speech & Hearing, Naimisham Campus, Mysore.

Labat Asia Pvt. Ltd., has introduced & added two new Audiometers to the Labat series of products. These products which would serve the first among the series of Hybrid Audiometers are named as Audiolite & Audiolab+. These two audiometers would serve as true Hybrid Audiometers, that could be operated in pure stand alone mode as well in software controlled PC based mode. While Audiolite would serve to suit the purpose of technologically advanced entry level product; Audiolab+ would serve in presenting itself to function in the intermediate range of audiometers. With the launch of these two products, Labat otherwise popular for its high end PC based products in offering Audiological solutions; have now emerged to fill the vacuum seen at the respective levels, which the practicing professionals across the globe have long desired for.

Audiolite is a single channel Diagnostic Digital Audiometer with provision of doing Conventional Puretone Audiogram along with SISI, TDT & ABLB tests. Additional tests include Speech Audiometry, Free Field Testing & VRA. Includes an inbuilt test memory for 8000 plus patients. Comes with circumaural earphone headset that enhances Noise Reduction. Employs digital numerical display for frequency & intensity levels.

Audiolab+ is a Two channel Diagnostic Digital Audiometer featuring 17 test facilities that includes Conventional Puretone Audiogram, SISI, TDT, ABLB, MLB, Speech Audiometry, Free Field Testing, VRA, EHFA, Stenger, Lombard, Langenbeck, Bekesy Audiometry, Tinnitus Matching, Quick SIN, TEN Test & MLD. Has provision for Monitored Live Voice, Recorded Voice & Embedded Voice in stimulus presentation during speech audiometry. Includes an inbuilt test memory for 8000 plus patients. Comes with circumaural earphone headset that enhances Noise Reduction; apart from having choice of transducers. Large LCD display monitor in the control panel with unique control panel push button switches facilitating smooth & gentle operation of the device. Another major feature of this product is that if facilitates simulation of Audiograms that would be beneficial in academic training process. Also utilizes Automatic Test Protocols supported with strong Algorithms.

Apart from the stated features, these hybrid products are very competitively priced with marvelous Design & Construction with enhanced ease of operation. Both are comparatively small in size, light weight and enhances portability. Indeed a boon for working professionals who desires to have high end technology within the reach of their arms in all aspects –cost, technology, reliability, face value & portability.

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