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3A Inserts Phones,

Rs 65,000.00

AABR Disposable Electrodes (Pkg. 3 Pcs.)

Rs 300.00

Abrasive Gel- 160g

Rs 1,950.00

B71 BC Head Band

B71 BC Vibrator Cord

B71W- BC Vibrator,

Cable with Snap-On Connector

Cable-Gelled Electrodes / Button Electrodes (50 Pcs.)

Conductive Gel- 100gm

Ear Tips Infant Size (Pkg. 100 Pcs.)

EAR-Tone GOLD 3A Inserts Phones, additional AC Transducers. Audio Lab provides separate calibration tables for TDH and ER 3A AC Transducers

Echo Lab Probe

ECochG Cable

ECochG Noninvasive multi-use Electrode

EPIC PLUS- Pre – Amplifier Cable

ER - 3A Insert Earphone Cables

Gold Cup Electrode (Set of 5)

Gold Foil EcochG Electrodes

High Frequency Audiometry with Sennheiser HDA200 Phones. HF: from 9000 Hz to20000 Hz.

Rs 25000

Infant Foam Ear Tips 3 mm, (Pkg. of 10 Pcs.)

Infant Foam Ear Tips 3.5 mm, (Pkg. of 10 Pcs.)

Insert Foam Ear Tips- 3C (Pkg. of 50 Pcs.)

Insert Foam Ear Tips-3A (Pkg. of 50 Pcs.)

Insert Foam Ear Tips-3B (Pkg. of 20 Pcs.)

Monitor Phone

OAE Ear Tips box (Pkg. 156 Pcs.)

OAE Ear Tips Refill Pack (Min. 100 Pcs.)

OAE Probe Tip (Pkg. 4 Pcs.)

Pair of Active Speakers for Free Field, Complete of Cables to Connect to Audio lab.

Rs 55,000.00

Patient Response Switch

Power adaptor of Tympanometer

Power Supply of EPIC PLUS

Rechargeable NiMh Battery

Serial printer SEIKO

Silver Cup Electrode (Set of 5)

Sound Room Connecting cable set

Talk-Back Microphone

Talk-Forward- Headset with Microphone

TDH Headphone for Audio Lab

Thermal Printer Paper Roll

Tympanometer Ear Tips (set of 60 Pcs., 6 Sizes)

Universal Battery Charger

USB Cable

VEMPs Electrode Array, 5 cables with Snap-On connectors

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